Enhanced Yield

Our Enhanced Yield strategy follows a conservative investment approach that doesn’t involve leverage, derivatives or currency trading. Rather, we use research and our trading and risk management experience, to construct a personalized solution that offers the most value for the risk taken. For investors interested in maximizing income while maintaining reasonable liquidity, our enhanced yield strategy invests in high quality, liquid investments with maturities ranging from three months to no more than two years.

  • Objective: Total return, low volatility
  • Typical Duration Range: 6 Months to 18 Months
  • Typical Credit Quality: Investment Grade
  • Benchmark: Bloomberg 3 Month T-Bill
  • Investment Universe: US Treasury Bonds, Government Bonds, Municipal Bonds, Brokered CDs, Corporate Bonds, Other*

Contact us to find out how Riverview Trust Company's Enhanced Yield strategy can help you do more with your cash.


*Mutual funds and exchange traded funds may be used to assist RTC with diversification, tax loss harvesting and/or to access fixed income markets that are not well suited for individual securities (see high yield bonds, mortgage-backed securities, international bonds etc.).


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