Why Riverview Trust


We are passionate about helping people solve financial problems, understand their wealth, and protect their family and property. We recognize that for many people financial planning and investing is complex, frustrating, and sometimes overwhelming. We also know how devastating the lack of good planning and prudent management can be to long-term goals. Individuals, families, and entities need advice and guidance that is given in their best interest and free of conflicts of interest. We love making the complicated clear and the confusing easy to understand.


People are more successful in finance when they receive high quality advice, but the financial services industry is not always set up to provide it. Unsubstantiated and confusing performance claims, advisors whose recommendations need only be “suitable,” and pressures to meet sales goals rather than simply provide sound advice, all lead to low standards of care, lack of loyalty to the client, and lack of trust. Further, clients (and often their advisors) are misled by myth and media hype into believing that they can “beat the market.” In light of all these obstacles, there is a deep need for a firm whose focus is on serving the best interest of their clients. This is our approach, and we believe it should be the industry standard.

We’ve developed a business model, grounded in fiduciary principles, that puts our clients’ needs first. Built on our knowledge, expertise, and experience, our approach is comprehensive and highly personalized. We look at the complete financial picture for each of our clients, develop a plan and investment management objective that is suited to their goals, and work closely with them over the years to manage their wealth. We’ve achieved our goals when our clients have achieved theirs.