Trust and Estate Services

Traditionally, people think of trustees as managing assets after death for heirs. They often name a corporate trustee when they don’t have a trusted family member, and we have a lot of experience helping families in this way. However, people often overlook the role of a trustee during their lifetimes, when they are no longer able to manage their own affairs. A trustee can step into your shoes and manage all of your financial affairs on your behalf. This includes such things as managing assets, paying bills, and collaborating with family and caregivers on important personal and financial decisions.

Having been your financial partner through life’s stages, we are uniquely suited to oversee your affairs and safeguard your legacy.


We handle all aspects of trust and estate administration, including such things as:

  • Probate Administration
  • Collection and Safeguarding of Assets
  • Management of Assets, including:
    • Liquid Investments
    • Real Estate
    • Business Holdings
    • Tangible Property
  • Accounting & Reporting
  • Bill Payment
  • Distribution to Beneficiaries
  • Tax Return Preparation


Your family may own assets such as real estate or a family business. We have the experience and depth of knowledge to manage these unique assets. Our team is sensitive to the many important issues that are inherent in family-owned companies and unique assets and work closely with your team of external advisors and local market contacts to ensure your assets are managed and administered in accordance with your wishes.